A Philosophy Based On What Matters


Jeff Dudan is a successful entrepreneur and founder of AdvantaClean, a franchisor of light environmental services. He delivers leadership lessons learned through years of coaching youth sports and building an international franchise organization that help people in the workplace, coaches, and you “connect the dots."

Jeff is a passionate servant leader in both business and athletics and has coached over 30 unique teams of youth athletes of all ages in football, basketball, and baseball. This experience taught Jeff the influential role coaches play in early childhood development. His mission is to share the lessons learned so coaches of all types can provide a memorable and positive experience for all those they lead, both on and off the field.

Jeff grew up in Schaumburg, Illinois, participating extensively in youth athletics, ultimately completing his career as a football player for Appalachian State University. Jeff recognizes the profound impact many coaches have made in his life; developing life skills and shaping habits that are clearly evident in him today. To pay this investment forward, Jeff committed to coaching early in his adult life by volunteering for every coaching opportunity that presented itself, and continuously learning and improving his techniques as a coach and leader.

His journey as an entrepreneur began during college when he founded a summer business painting student housing, quickly becoming the largest painter town. In 1994, Jeff founded the company which would one day become AdvantaClean, expanding rapidly into hundreds of franchised locations. AdvantaClean provides Jeff with the opportunity to work directly with business owners, helping them to build and lead their teams and “win the game” in their local market.

Jeff is a life-long learner who exists to serve others by connecting dots and challenging them to be the very best they can be on the last day of the season, whenever that might be for them.

Jeff currently resides in Huntersville, North Carolina with wife, Traci, and children, Zack, Maelee and Jackson.



"Our lives represent our conversations with the universe. Every interaction creates a ripple in someone else's world and becomes a permanent part of their experience, and their story."