Author, Jeff Dudan

Excited to announce that Jeff’s new book, Discernment, launched on August 18th, 2020. Given the opportunities at our fingertips, there has never been a better time to establish yourself in the world. There’s only one problem: there are so many opportunities out there, it can feel like an impossible task to decide which ones are worth pursuing.


In DISCERNMENT, Jeff Dudan gives you the set of tools, models of thought, beliefs, and principles that you can quickly lay decisions against to make the best choice. Drawing on personal stories, Jeff shows that refining your discernment is a lifelong process that requires trust and intentionality. If you do the work, you’ll become the type of leader and problem-solver whom people seek out when they’re wrestling with tough decisions.

To choose the path most likely to get you where you want to go, you need discernment. If you've ever wondered why CEOs earn six-figure salaries, discernment is the answer. Thankfully, this skill is available to anyone with determination and the right mindset.

-Jeff Dudan

Hey, Coach!

How hard could it be to coach a kid’s rec league baseball team in the small town of Stonefield?

Matt was about to find out.

When Matt’s buddy asked for help coaching the team, it sounded like fun. No pressure. Then his friend was unexpectedly transferred out of town, and the team now belonged to Matt. Matt was unaware of the challenges waiting for him. The start was rough. The kids were lost. The parents were swarming.

When John, an old coach stopped by the ball field, he could clearly see Matt was in trouble. A chance encounter brought them together, creating the opportunity for John to teach Matt timeless methods great coaches, and leaders of all types, use to set their teams up for success.